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Ellen Grove is an Agile coach, trainer, and organizational change agent with Agile Partnership.

Based in Ottawa Canada, she works with organizations of all sizes around the globe to help them put Agile thinking and being into action.  Open Space and LEGO SERIOUS PLAY are her favorite facilitation approaches for getting people to talk with each other about the things that matter so that they can do great work together.  Ellen presents frequently at Agile conferences in Canada and abroad sharing ways to use playful approaches to do serious work. 

Ellen is also a member of the Board of Directors of the Agile Alliance.



95 Jacques-Cartier Blvd S, Suite 400
Sherbrooke, Quebec


20 Avril 2017

17h30 - Accueil et réseautage

18h00 - Présentation

19h30 - Échange et discussion

20h00 - Clôture de l'activité

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Building Team Working Agreements

Everything Is Better When We Stick Together: Building Team Working Agreements

Whether a team is brand-new or seasoned veterans at working together, explicitly defining and/or refining a team working agreement will help the team to align on how they will work together effectively to meet their common goal. In this fast-paced hands-on session, participants will go through the process of building a team working agreement using LEGO Serious Play (LSP).

Creating a team working agreement helps team members set the stage for effective communication and high performance by making assumptions about ‘what really matters to us’ and ‘how we will work together?’ explicit and negotiable.  Great working agreements address some difficult topics - what values do we share? how do we want to deal with conflict when it comes up? how will we handle problems within the team? - which are often challenging to discuss openly and honestly, especially when a team is first assembled.  

This session will show you how to use LEGO Serious Play to encourage a frank and fearless discussion in order to kickstart these discussions so that a team can quickly create a powerful set of simple guiding principles for working together.  Participants will learn about the importance of team working agreements in creating team cohesion and common understanding of shared values and operational guidelines, and experience hands-on how to use the LEGO Serious Play cycle of build-share-reflect to have a participatory discussion to identify shared values and build a set of simple guiding principles.​